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FAQ - In person Visits in CT

Office visits - are held out of her meditation center. For first time appts,  unfortunately there is no waiting room.  If you arrive early you can wait in the lobby, on the first floor of building and come up at time of appt. 

Appointment lengths - All in person appointments must be at least an hour.  Half hour appts are done by phone only. 

Should I book an appt? - Carolyn's work is very deep, book if you want to  connect to truth, your soul and spirit to shift your life in a deep way please book.

How can I learn about Carolyn's work before I book ? Carolyn has many podcasts on this website and you tube and spotify. There are many testimonials. Check out her site for types of sessions. 

How do I know if I should book with Carolyn?- People feel drawn to book by their  own spirit. 

Refunds - Please book consciously, If you book and don't show or cancel within less than 24 hours, there are no refunds. In extreme circumstances refunds may be considered.

Payment - Payment is due 48 hours before appt to hold slot.  When booking  please mention your time zone.  

Texting is ok for booking or cancelling  appointments. For your own privacy, please don't text long personal info. 

Who should book? -  If someone is at a spiritual crossroads, or trying to find their purpose, or in need of  a higher understanding  of why something happened, a session will be a good option. If you have a strong spiritual nature, and want to grow and heal, this may be the right method. 

An Intuitive reading and healing, heals your SOUL, your spirit and helps you find direction.

Psychotherapy - Carolyn has a limited psychotherapy practice, but does work with various telemedicine services.  

Insurance - Carolyn is not accepting Insurance in CT. If you want to pay ahead and receive a receipt to reimbursement, that may be an option

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