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Energy healing - Chakra means Wheels and is part of the spiritual emotional body. When we understand which chakras are weak or strong we know the area of our life we need to look at. Our spirit is our guiding force in life. When we begin to listen to our spirit, it teaches us about our SOULs path. As an energy healer I can recalibrate the energy body through hands on healing and help you feel more centered and recharge your energy field. I utilize crystals which help healing and ground the energy body. The crystals are earth gems that have certain healing properties and high vibrations that align with the chakras to heal.


Theta Healing - is a Spiritual healing method developed by Vianna Stibal. Through kinesiology and spiritual counseling sessions, it helps to remove blocks that are causing you discomfort in your life. Theta healing, releases beliefs that are stored in the core level (beliefs that affect your thoughts) historical, (past lives) genetic (ancestry), soul levels (encompasses beliefs Reiki- means universal life force. It is a Japanese healing method, of hands on healing. It helps you to receive the spiritual energy from the universe by focused intention and the laying on of hands. The method is relaxing, peaceful, healing and can reduce pain.


Location & Contact Details

Tel: (323) 782-9085



34 Jerome Ave Ste 220 Bloomfield, CT -06002



Carolyn will contact you to schedule your appointment day and time. Some sliding scale adjustments can be made for special circumstances.

Energy Healing

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