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A meditative technique the calls back loss of the soul during trauma. Car accidents, surgery, physical and or sexual abuse can cause soul loss. When trauma occurs your soul can scatter through dimensions, time and space. I help you to reconnect to the vital part in you. If you don’t feel you remember your childhood and have missing, time, this is a good healing method to reonnect with vital parts of your life. 


Think of your SOUL as a glass. If it would break the energy of the SOUL  would splinter and the pieces will be scattered. The pieces would go to different dimensions, spaces, or come across as blocked or weak. SOUL retrieval is a meditative and healing technique when I re connect you to aspects of yourself that you have lost. you are in a semi conscious meditative state, but well aware,  where you connect to the aspects, qualities ages and essence of yourself that left due to fear trauma, or abuse.


Location & Contact Details

Tel: (323) 782-9085



34 Jerome Ave Ste 220; Bloomfield, CT 06002


Carolyn will contact you to schedule your appointment day and time. Some sliding scale adjustments can be made for special circumstances.

Soul Retrieval

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