Working with the Universe

As I wrote in my book, Honor your Spirit, our Spirit is the guiding force of how we listen to the universe. Our Spirit is the energy inside of us, that tells us which way to go with our feelings. When we meditate we hear our spirit more. When we become still and quiet, we also hear our spirit. Our spirit lies in the space between our thoughts. Our spirit is what inspires us. It gives us chills, aha movements and positive energy when it is honored. If you want more information on how our spirit functions, check out my book., Honor Your Spirit. It is important to know how the Universe works to create our fulfillment of our purpose. The universe has 'assigned' me to teach these concepts. I hope it helps you as it has helped and guided me. Working with the Universe does many things. It is our curriculum for earth school. Below are some of the gifts we are bestowed when we dialogue with Universal wisdom.

Helps clear Karma When you listen to your own song, Remember the Uni-Verse, is like you playing your verse of a song. You start clearing your karma. You sing your tune, and get into the rhythm of your own harmonious steps. When we do what is for our highest good, we clear karma and fulfill dharma.

Helps you to fulfill your mission - We are all here for a reason. We are in school to learn and grow. We have multiple missions and multiple purposes. As we listen to our heart we unravel that purpose.