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Intuitive SOUL healing is a healing method of helping clients align their mind, body and spirit.  My New Business is Conscious creations a meditation and healing center. This means to consciously create your life by listening and respecting your spiritual nature. Carolyn helps you to become more connected to your life, purpose and mission here.   With intuitive insight she can see exactly what you need to help you to relieve painful patterns and heal some of your past.   If there is frustration, anxiety, fear or depression and an inability to accomplish goals, Carolyn can direct you to wholeness.

who carolyn is...

Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW is a Psychotherapist, Intuitive and Healer for the last 28 years.  She has a Masters in Clinical Social work from Columbia University.  She works as a psychotherapist in various settings and was trained in NYC as a psychoanalytical psychotherapist.  Her spiritual background includes training at the Edgar Cayce Institute in New York City and a Spiritualist Church.   She is also a Reiki Master and IET (Integrated Energy Therapist) Master Instructor, Pranic healer and Theta healing Practitioner.  Carolyn worked at UCLA as an energy healer for the UCLA Pediatric pain program for 6 years.  She helps you work with your mind, body and SOUL.   She has a Meditation  and Healing Center Conscious Creations in Bloomfield, CT.

Spiritually, Carolyn works well with empaths, lightworkers, sensitive souls and those who are open to working with their intuition.  Her gift seems to be clear information from spirit and sees visions which helps people to find their purpose and passion. Therapy helps with the mind and Readings help with the SOUL. When you come for therapy we abide by the laws and bylaws of psychotherapy. A release is signed. Carolyn stays withing the realms of that treatment.


Soul readings are outside of that realm of treatment  of therapy since the essence of your spirit is similar to reading energy. Probabilities and possibilites are quite different. If a release is not signed we are not doing psychotherapy

Carolyn's has relocated to the EAST COAST. Please contact her via text 323-782-9085. Her work is deep, but healing, so only serious inquires. Most people get better. She empowers you to heal and create your own journey of purpose.


Understanding earth school


The Heart as a SOUL path.


Creating with the Universe


Your heart and intuition



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Psychotherapy – Carolyn helps clients through life challenges and transitions in life, who are struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar and other emotional challenges.  Much of her counseling has a spiritual component.  Psychotherapy helps to heal the MIND. 

Energy Healing - If your spirit feels tired, drained or restless you may want to book an energy healing session.  Energy healing consists of Reiki, Integrated Energy Healing , Pranic healing with crystals to help ground and heal the energy field. This is a hands on method of healing. Helps to heal the spiritual and physical BODY.

Intuitive Reading - If you feel disconnected from Source or the Universe and not sure what is your next step, you may want to book an Intuitive Reading.  Since Carolyn understands the language of spirit which is intuition, she can connect to your higher self, guides and energetic field to help you understand a higher perspective of every day questions.

Helps you gain a higher soulful perspective and heals the SOUL. 

Spiritual Life Coaching – Helping clients to achieve goals in life, working  with Universal Laws and practice and methods of manifestation and awareness. Helps you find purpose for the Mind and SOUL. 

Soul Retrieval –   A meditative technique the calls back loss of the soul during trauma including car accidents, surgery, physical and or sexual abuse. When trauma occurs your soul can scatter through dimensions, time and space.  Carolyn can help you to reconnect to the soul essence within you. Helps you bring back fragmented aspects of your SOUL. 

Mindfulness Meditation – As a mindfulness teacher for 8 years, at a major HMO, Carolyn can help you learn how to stay present.   Mindfulness is great for stress reduction and also to connect you to your spirit. Also a meditation teacher on Insight Timer App.

Groups and Classes – Carolyn regularly holds classes on mindfulness meditation, synchronicity, law of attraction and how to work with the Universe.  Please visit the Events page, and join our Facebook group to be first to hear about future events.


CW, LSCW - April 2017

I want you to know that I've been thinking about reaching out to you since then and for whatever reason (probably procrastination) I just haven't got around to it until now. This is definitely one of those emails that you probably get from a lot of past clients sharing how much you've helped them. I just want to say THANK YOU for opening my eyes to a whole new part of myself that has been the key to my healing all along. Don't get me wrong, I still have a long road to travel, but you are the one who helped put me on the right road in the first place. I am extremely grateful and thankful for having the opportunity to work with you.

G.C. - May 2017

You taught me A LOT. And you opened my world down this path and have been a huge source of encouragement when I felt like I was at crossroads and I first met you and started attended your classes. You probably don’t remember but I walked into a spiritual bookstore and said if there is a reader here, I am going to get a reading. It was the first time ever I did that and it was you! That is why every time I meet someone I feel stuck, I send them to you.. You told me I was an intuitive empath, and I was like what the hell is that? I realize now that yes yes Yes I am intuitive empath. The death of my Dad closed me down so much. Meeting you was the spark and the catalyst to opening this door. You are truly and incredible healer and teacher, you are my light and teacher, thank you!!!

I.A. Teacher - Jan. 2017

I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for you and the insight that I have gained and gathered since joining your group. I feel so different than when I first began I feel more empowered, more inspired and more excited. I must say that it seemed when I first started I was working through a haze. I felt like a passerby. Today I feel I have the power to steer the course of my life through creation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and opening your door for your classes. I believe in the principles you share mostly because I have witnessed the transformation in my life. I believe that when we have moments of such deep gratitude for people that energize our lives we should share it and to your Carolyn my deepest thanks.

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