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Universal Energy is in the EARTH

Crystals are the manifestation of God's light into the earth and changes rock into high vibrational frequencies called crystals They are mother earth's gifts to us!. 



Earth is here to teach and heal us. There is food that grows out of the earth, vegetables, fruits and  even tree barks  that are healing to the human body.  Crystals are very much the same way. We are energy beings and our spirit, our aura is a crystalline energy field. The energy of the crystals which are rocks in the earth resonate on a frequency that helps ground and heal our spirit and energy body. Grounding, helps with anxiety and depression. Cell phones and computers have crystals in it. That is how we can text people. The frequency of the crystals help with energy transmissions. Various crystals carry different frequencies  like flowers carry different scents.  That is why we feel drawn to certain ones.  Come and Explore crystals and see what you feel connected to. Mother earth heals us in many different ways. 

Crystal - Boxes. I gathered some crystals that are connected to various emotional and spiritual blocks that are great for gifts or having a treasure chest of different healing themes. Meditation, healing, grief, finding purpose and others upon request!  The boxes include crystals, essential oils affirmations and candles and pens. Fun for a self care kit also. 


A Selection of various spiritual books in different subjects. Both used and some new. Books that will help you  learn and grow spiritually. 

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Crystal showroom is open most Saturdays 9 am - 11am and after most classes and meditations. Please text if you want to stop by at another time. 

323-782-9085  Text please

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