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Psychotherapy – Carolyn helps clients through life challenges and transitions in life, who are struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar and other emotional challenges.  Much of her counseling has a spiritual component.  

Energy Healing - If your spirit feels tired, drained or restless you may want to book an energy healing session.  Energy healing consists of Reiki, Integrated Energy Healing , Pranic healing with crystals to help ground and heal the energy field. This is a hands on method of healing.

Intuitive Reading - If you feel disconnected from Source or the Universe and not sure what is your next step, you may want to book an Intuitive Reading.  Since Carolyn understands the language of spirit which is intuition, she can connect to your higher self, guides and energetic field to help you understand a higher perspective of every day questions.

Spiritual Life Coaching – Helping clients to achieve goals in life, working  with Universal Laws and practice and methods of manifestation and awareness.

Soul Retrieval –   A meditative technique the calls back loss of the soul during trauma including car accidents, surgery, physical and or sexual abuse. When trauma occurs your soul can scatter through dimensions, time and space.  Carolyn can help you to reconnect to the soul essence within you.

Mindfulness Meditation – As a mindfulness teacher for 5 years, at a major HMO, Carolyn can help you learn how to stay present.   Mindfulness is great for stress reduction and also to connect you to your spirit.

Groups and Classes – Carolyn regularly holds classes on mindfulness meditation, synchronicity, law of attraction and how to work with the Universe.  Please visit the Events page, and join our Facebook group to be first to hear about future events.

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