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The podcasts demystify spirit by understanding how to decipher signs and symbols from the universal dialogue. Carolyn discusses current events with a spiritual lense and helps you create a life of abundance and peace by following your intuitive path.

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Ep. 11: Soul Retrieval & Chakra Reading with Carolyn Coleridge

“Any trauma can be your triumph. Any test can be a testimony to your life purpose.” Episode 11 is a fast-paced jaunt with the effervescent Carolyn Coleridge.

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Ep. 63: Therapy And Theta Healing W/ Carolyn Coleridge

Join Ellen and Imani as they interview Carolyn Coleridge; therapist, healer and author on working in therapy and theta healing as a spiritual being. She shares with us her three books, "How to Work with the Universe" "Soul Wisdom" and "Honor your Spirit" and what's to come for this new age we are stepping into.

Guest Podcast

Ep. 2: Spirituality, Astrology and Overcoming Racism

We’ve entered the Aquarian Age, and everything is changing. Are you feeling the creation vibes yet? In this episode, Carolyn Coleridge is an LCSW, Author, Psychotherapist and Intuitive Healer, and in this episode she goes deep; she shares her extensive experience with ancestral psychic gifts, her wisdom around soul healing, and astrology/energy work as it applies to our collective culture today-- especially in the wake of the tragic murder of George Floyd. 

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Ep. 3: Carolyn Coleridge: Ghosts At My Bedside

The Intuitive Carolyn Coleridge joins Brennen & Jake to share tips on spiritual navigation during the pandemic - as well as her stories of seeing spirits at a young age... and a trip to the hospital which led to a startling out of body experience!

Guest Podcast

Ep. 121: Carolyn Coleridge - Finding Your Purpose In Difficult Times

DEN Teacher Carolyn Coleridge shares with us her thoughts on the current state of the world from COVID-19, to George Floyd’s death, to the Black Lives Matter movement and how a lot of the issues we are facing are due to the fact we as a society have normalized things that aren’t right. 

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Nics @ Nite

Halloween Season! The Nics speak to Carolyn Coleridge an intuitive reader who gives us the 411 on what this holiday is really about!!


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