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 During my therapy I was sent to a meditation class with Carolyn Coleridge.  Carolyn opened my eyes and taught me through meditation how to quiet my mind and listen to that inner voice.  She taught me to believe in myself and how to love me.  She taught me to live my passion.  She taught me to recognize my gifts, talents, and purpose.  Carolyn taught me that everything I go through is a test and learning experience.  She taught me to find the bright side of my trials.  Carolyn Coleridge is an amazing gift and she literally saved my life.  No pharmaceutical drugs could ever do what her therapy and teachings do for me.  I lost 80 lbs. just by loving me and learning to not destroy myself through my own actions.  I have learned to keep negativity out of my thoughts.  I have returned to nature and find inspiration and gratefulness in the simpler things such as the beauty of a butterfly or a full moon.  I grow my own vegetables and have several rewarding projects in the works.   

I have learned to understand the consequences of my actions of the past so that I can apply them to my present and future.  I have learned that everyone is not my responsibility to save.  I have learned to save myself first.  I have learned not to regret my decisions, good or bad, but to understand how they have molded me into the person I need to be in this moment.  I wish that I could have met someone like her when I was younger.  My life would have been so different.  However, what I do today is share my story with everyone I come across.   If we teach our children these things at a young age, just imagine what they can accomplish.  Mindfulness is a powerful tool.  Understanding how to live in this rapidly changing world is key to a successful and fulfilling life. 

I can’t say enough about Mental health stress-related therapy program.  They found a true healer when they added Carolyn Coleridge to their team.  When I loss my health benefits at  I was devastated that I would no longer be able to see Carolyn.  However, I discovered that she gave me the tools I needed to carry on without her.  She saved my life and so many others in my path.   

The Universe provides everything we need, and I am so thank ful and humbled by my experience with her. July 29, 2019 D.L. client 



It's been a year since I reached out to you to get emotional help and I'm proud that all the tools you've given me have helped me navigate so many stressful areas of life. Whenever I need support again, please know I am coming to you first. I apologize for the quick and sudden departure, I just wanted to make sure I was prepared with every dollar needed to make the jump you'll read about below.


In our first few sessions, You did the Theta testing on me and asked me what I wanted. I said to have a voice, find my voice again. I also said I want to prepare for Saturns Return lol You taught me the power of self care, and doing what I need to do to be the best version of me and dismissing anything that led to toxicity. 


I was MISERABLE at my full time job, you helped me figure out medical leave so I can regroup and figure out next steps, I went back gave it 6 more months and was still miserable. She never got back to me, and the first week of March, they put me on disciplinary action and had the NERVE to say I was combative + other things that I went to HR about to handle. That next week, I got freelance opportunity that gave me the push. I left with two-day notice, and abundance came flowing in. I told the universe I wanted to be happy, 

I've manifested everything I have now. With the help of you. J.K. Media entrepreneur March, 2019


Carolyn was truly instrumental in priming me for my purpose and mission in life. Her insight has helped me both personally and professionally. She has been a vital resource for me. I'm forever grateful and will continue to go to her for wisdom and direction. Carolyn is a beautiful spirit and truly gifted. The universe sent her to me as my angel. Her guidance is priceless.  - T H. Los Angeles , Nov,  2018. 



Dealing with loss is heavy and emotional. I was able to turn to a trusted professional in Carolyn to gain the closure and acceptance of losing someone very special. Carolyn's entire vibe was healing and nurturing. She made me feel relaxed and calm as I attempted to contact someone beyond the veil. My experience was perfect and while I hope I don't have any serious losses like that anytime soon, I know that I'll be able to make contact through Carolyn's gifts! - D.T.alent Manager. Los Angeles. Dec, 2018



Sincere thanks for speaking with me yesterday (I am the college teacher/). I really appreciated your time and insights regarding teaching, healing, writing, and being an empath/intuitive. It truly helped me gain greater clarity especially since I always have this feeling that I am supposed to do more to help the world. 


Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with all of us via the Reiki Rays Summit. I hope to personally meet with you in the near future and have also ordered your book. ( J.P. CA, 10/2018)



Gand risings Carolyn, 


I haven't had an appt with you in a while but I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me and to let you know that I am back at Petco and everything is happening in its divine time in. I'm so very happy and grateful that I've met you. My spiritual growth as well as mental and emotional growth has all been because of your encouragement and belief in my ability to be better than I was. I can't say Thank you enough. You are my mentor without even knowing it.  I was going to book an appointment just to talk with you lol, but I said no maybe someone else really needs that space.  I'll just email her.  You are fantastic  Queen and again Thank you.  L.R.W. -Animal Advocate and caretaker. 8/10/18 



Hello Carolyn. I just want to share this with you.

After we did all that amazing Theta work, my body actually purged A LOT (I know. TMI, but I think all the toxic waste my body was holding was released). I felt a calmness as a walked to my car, throughout the night and this morning. A true sense of peace.I also purchased one of the ruby crystals/stones—I was drawn to it for many reasons:

1) it’s my birthstone
2) the written description provided by the store—that it amplifies energy and alleviates lethargy
3) it was beautiful and felt right to me

I slept with the ruby on my chest. I actually slept through the night peacefully (which has been rarity for me). I felt well-rested and energetic this morning.Remember that the first time we did Theta work, that you gave me my breath back. It was the first time in probably 30 years that I could feel my lungs expand. Thank you for doing the work that you do

Forever grateful ,Spreading The Light  E.D. 8/12/13 - health care worker




"Thank you for being the divine spark who lit the flame, giving birth to my light I couldn't see in the dark. had to SEE myself before I could find me. Still finding missing pieces. Easy when there is a guiding light that is you." 7/2017 - CM - LMFT

"You are really gifted and spot on . Just wanted to let you know you were right about the company I was involved in they are in a massive law suit. It was revealed. You called it. thanks so much." P. N. - May, 2017


"Carolyn is a thoughtful, intuitive healer who has done several consultations for me this last year. Her insight and accuracy into my current life issues is always precise. She's able to comprehend the layers of past, present and future unfolding now! I can count on her honesty and integrity in every reading. She's helped me uncover the truth beneath the surface of my story so I can make more enlightened life decisions.

I've also benefited from experiencing her gifts in Pranic and Reiki Healing. Carolyn was able to assist me with healing deep-seeded trauma through her understanding of the tarot and the release of toxic energy."

Meg Blenkush - Unified Field Therapy



"Carolyn is a gifted intuitive and reader. She is able to access a great deal of important information in a short amount of time. Her information is accurate and her guidance very helpful in assisting clients with creating success. She addresses relationships, business decisions, family questions, and can alert you to old wounds which may require healing. I recommend her service highly."

Founder, Sovereign and The Essential Woman



"I am amazed at Carolyn's vision and sensitivity. When she read me, she saw my heart chakra was replaced by a large violet flame with a white flame in the center of it. This was significant to me. I know my calling is to spread the Violet Flame Reiki Energy and love to all, but she picked up on it by seeing this vision and confirmed what I felt. I also live in a big city area that could be unsafe. After leaving Carolyn called back on her cell and told me about the two huge angels guarding my building. Again I had felt protected, but she confirmed this by her vision. She also said no one could get around them! There were many other pieces of intuitive information she would casually tell me. This was while I was doing most of the talking. These fascinating bits and pieces of knowledge just come out of her at odd moments. Carolyn comes from a long line of gifted women and is truly special." 

Lori Healy LA, CA



"Carolyn is very knowledgeable, gifted and has great intuition on what is going on in the body on the etheric and karmic level. I am always pleased with her readings."

-John K., CMT, Los Angeles, CA



"Carolyn is an immensely talented intuitive, as well as sensitive counselor. Her readings are accurate, gentle, thoughtful and loving. She has helped me at several turning points in my life to understand and prepare for the changes ahead. I recommend her highly, and will speak to anyone personally who may have questions about my experience with her."

Kim Hughes, M.S. Ed., Psychotherapist/Life Coach New York, NY

"You absolutely opened up so much for me and in particular the next 2 days after the session were light. Just unbelievable lightness and the depression lifted. It was awesome. I felt my guides and I will be calling on them it was fabulous!"  Rose C - artist - Ohio



"Thank you very much for the session it was very good and very helpful. I am still thinking about it and it is within me every given moment."  G. C. Artist palm springs



"I am very particular about which practitioner's work I recommend to people. I recommend Carolyn's work. She is precise, gets results quickly, is insightful and fun. If you really are ready for change, have a session with Carolyn and see for yourself ." Rhobbin Alexis,



"I have been to many healers, teachers, and famous readers, but none quite like Carolyn. Her wisdom over the years has grown into a deep heartfelt understanding that gently guides you into waves of deeper realization. Her graceful navigation of all the healing modalities she uses is like watching a master a work. By far one of the best energy workers in Los Angeles. "   
G.L.T a writer



"I wanted to e-mail you and thank you for your help. I doubt you remember me but I truly think it was fate that I met you. I met you back in May 2004 at a street fair in Venice Beach California. I was there with my friend and you gave us both readings. You gave me your card and wrote on the back some information about Indigo, Earth Angels and the names of some books. I started to look into your suggestions and I found it to be a great comfort. Although I started reading some of Doreen Virtue's books then, it wasn't until recently that I was guided back to the spiritual path. I now meditate regularly and am developing my spiritual abilities further. I feel that if it wasn't for your initial reading and information. I wouldn't be at the point I am now. Thank you again. You are true and wondrous light-worker."  K. M. New York City 



"Carolyn is a brilliant woman who is totally committed to her work. She is exceptionally gifted, warm, compassionate, insightful, and a lovely human being who is a credit to our profession."  Anne Anderson, LCSW


"Carolyn has been working as part of our UCLA pediatric pain program and she is smart, intuitive, and a great clinician and is an important member of our clinical team." Lonnie Zeltzer, MD

Courtney was thrilled to be part of the CNN segment. Now with that we can go so much deeper on the misdiagnosis and our search for the solution. You were a very important part of that solution. Because you believed her pain and told us you felt a blockage, that gave me the strength to keep fighting for answers. You have a gift and we appreciate you being part of her healing process. D. Corniuk



Carolyn, per your suggestions, I stepped away from a dispute that has been raging between two of my business network members for over a year. I was caught in the middle and felt totally stuck. As soon as I released the need to mediate, the pain in my thighs began to subside. I followed up on your 2ndsuggestion by going to the health food store and buying some liquid potassium. Today, just two days later, my thighs are virtually pain free! As you know, it can be very difficult for healers to solve their own problems in the midst of the madness. I am so grateful. Thanks for sharing your light. Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari ~ Wellness uprising




Good morning Carolyn! I just wanted to say thank you for last night! When I have the funds available, I would like to have a session with you. I like your spirit and demeanor!  J. Los Angeles


As we come to the holidays, I want to thank you for being such a positive and warm influence in my life. I see your photo even and it gives me strength. It is a deep heartfelt and connected spiritual thank you. Know in your heart every day that you help people like me my warmest wishes.You kindness touched my heart and helped me through some dark weeks.   H.S. Los angeles Lawyer


You are very special and Unique, very connected!   Moriah Diamond


Carolyn you have truly been a Godsend for me. You have helped me in more ways than you know. Your messages are ALWAYS on Target. ~Miko Dieudonne Marketing Manager La, CA 2/09


Carolyn has given me spiritual insight, mapping out what you want in life. A true healer, ~ Sandi Schroeder 2/09


I think the work we did helped me to be ready for really nice guy to come in my life, it was only two sessions but it helped me alot. I still have the rose quartz right by my bedside. thanks ~ Amy Edington UCLA Los angeles, CA 01/09 


What an amazing, accurate and helpful reading! I'm so glad Carolyn was able to find time in her busy schedule to read for me) or with me as she says it takes both reader and client focusing together to create the reading). And I'm so glad I took notes! There was tremendous accuracy and detaill, from the first words she spoke, to the last as she described places, people and situations in my life as she could literally see them right in front of her. Besides being evidence of her phenomenal psychic gifts, it means that she was able to provide a wealth of insights, suggestions and help for my various issues and challenges that was completely on target. If you call her, prepare to be blown away as I was with what she sees, how much she knows about metaphysics, and what a wonderful, kind and healing listener and spirtual counseloer she is  ~ Barbara ~ Chicago, August 2009


Thank you so much for sharing your incredible gifts with me today! I feel so blessed to have connected with you. As a fellow intuitive, I have extremely high expectations. You absolutely blew me away! In the first minute of our reading together, you tuned into me so easily and precisely, and offered me practical, helpful advice about my path. I so appreciate your genuine loving spirit as well. Thank you again! I will certainly contact you in the future, and will recommend you to others. K.S. Pittsburgh, 1/2011


Hi Carolyn, Thank you so much for the free 10 minutes session offered through the Hay House promotion. Everything you shared with me was so "right on" .... you are truly gifted and amazing. Your abilities impressed me so much that I will be booking a longer session very soon! 
> Many Thanks  Yvette , Nanaimo, B.C. Canada January, 2011


You were a huge influence on me to enter alcohol rehab and I am on my 6th day at a Treatment Center in Palm Springs. You were right, I cooked for the detox house the first night I arrived!I hope to see you in the not so far future.
Love, P.L. Los angelels Feb, 2011 


Carolyn, Twice we have been connected via telephone across half the globe – from California to nordic Norway. And twice you have “seen” me. Immediately, your focus has been directed toward essential parts of my reality. Clearly and accurately you have described key situations of my life. And just as clearly and accurately, you have defined my needs. And while combining your psychic insight and divine perspective with your genuine wisdom, understanding, empathy, and down-to-earth realism, you have provided me with the exact tools of knowledge and insight needed at this point for me to move forward on my path of life.

Across thousands of miles you have expanded my divine awareness. And you have given me golden gifts of acknowledgement, empowerment, and an inner light which is beyond words! And I THANK YOU!

Looking forward to seeing you – in your California – some day!

Aasve Nesland, M.D., Ph.D., Norway 2/11


One group session with Carolyn opened up the space to create healing that went back 30 years ... powerfully, gently, and in a space of incredible love! The space created was safe and sacred, and Carolyn lead the workshop with grace, confidence, and ease ... THANK YOU, such an amazing healer!!!

JRP from Salt Lake City, 6/11 


I am Listening 2 this radio show & I do have 2 say even listening to Carolyn I felt a sense of relief calmness vibes wow she sound likes a very caring, giving, lovable & just lots of info Thanx What a gr8 show!" 4/11 ~Lynn


Thank you again Carolyn. I don't open up to many people, and you definitely create a safe, inspiring/helpful environment for communication. Much appreciated on all your insights & I'll keep you updated. Next time I'm in LA, I really want to attend one of your workshops. C.B. - N.Y.C. June, 2011 



Carolyn, there are no words to express how one hour with you could change my life in so many ways. Thank you for allowing God to use you in the most beautiful and personal way! Having being a person with such great loss at such a early age I believe caused me to develop what is called "fibromyalgia" in the medical world...... over active nerves and wide spread pain all over your body 24 hrs a day 7 days a week to be right to the point. During my reading with you there was so many of my love ones that came through and this allowed me to get answers to many questions causing what I believe to be a total healing of this awful disease. Also hearing what all of my family and friends on the other side had to say to me has giving me a peace that again words cant describe.

I thank you from the inner being of my soul for being the medium and surrendering to the spirits and delivering such needed messages that heal the souls and breathe life back into the soul ultimately delivering healing. I have been made whole. You are amazing........................


L.L. Financial Service Agent 



Carolyn, Your healing just put me in a better light! I really feel a big difference. My thinking has changed (and the words coming out of my mouth!) and I'm just feeling a lot less "bogged down." More carefree... less worrisome. I'm SUPER busy auditioning and getting more and more opportunities. I booked a lead in an independent feature film that's shooting in July and I have a movie coming out that I did late last year that's getting a little bit of a buzz for the small type of film it is. I feel like I'm catching the wave, so to speak. :) And there's so much more... and I'm excited. Keep me on the list of classes/workshops that you do. I'm currently reading "Creating Money" and I'm trying to take time every morning to meditate and start my day off right by centering myself.

Thanks so much! You are soooo much appreciated!!

 A. B. Actress, Los Angeles March, 2012 



I wanted to let you know I've been doing the prosperity chanting often over the last two months and I've really noticed an uptick in my income. It's really amazing. I'm getting more calls about consulting and possible work out of the blue. I'm feeling a lot more calm and not so worried about the future. What a blessing, thank you!

 C. P. business woman. 6/2012



Thank you for following up. I do feel a lot better, I would say I feel lighter. My mood is much better! 

E.V. Jan, 2013



Your healing session was amazingly helpful...thank you. It was a very interesting week for me overall. I will come back and see you in the next 2-3 weeks.

 P.B. Jan, 2013



I had a very intense pain in my lower stomach for 2 1/2 years. The pain brought me into 3 different doctors offices and not one doctor could find a cause for the pain. I even had a MRI done on my stomach which still didn't show the reason for my pain. All three doctors prescriped pain medication. My church was offering Rekei Healing which at the time I nerver heard of. I had nothing to lose so I tried it. I only did it for 20 minutes and the next day the pain was greatly reduced - actually gone. 

Thank you Caroline for relieving this 2 year pain. Caroline is just another Angel that is always here to help! '

D. K. - Jan, 2013



Carolyn is a full moon that lights those on the path of energetic healing. I learn more and more from her each time we met~ A.B. acupuncturist, 2013.


Anyway, what i was saying is that i saw a lot of lights accross my body during the healing. In some portion i felt heat in your hands and after you moved your hand from my ankles, i felt that you hands were still there. Also, at one point, when you had your hands over my head i saw some clear blue sky ~ I feel really good after a session with you. I had some crazy dreams

P.A. scientist~ Dec, 2013



 I did feel the energy was stronger this session than the last. I could feel it through out my body like waves. Afterward I felt tired, and my head hurt a little but I felt it was a good thing because I just received a strong dose of healing energy. So I drank some water and took a little nap. And I feel like the area of concern of my body is more relaxed and less stressed. :)  S.B.S. - November, 2013



I had a 2 hour reading/healing with Carolyn about my personal life & on going litigation... I had questions/ concerns. A lot of that was answered by her. Things I never disclosed she knew just from the reading. Also about my custody battle & ex- she made me feel empowered & at ease- in the midst of the chaos- not by superficial means but by answering my deepest fears as well as revealing to me that I a know a lot more intuitively then I thought... I also reached out to a family member- a previously strained relationship for years. 

& The relationship with a family member I'm living with turned around from a radiant energy I was emitting after clearing so much through our session... I only wish I saw her months ago or more frequently in the last year when I needed the support so much. 

I received a 25 min reiki healing from Carolyn as well. My back was holding immense stress- & was incredibly painful- after our reiki session it was miraculously gone- which makes me an even stronger believer in the healing reiki can do. I also felt the poisons released from my body & mind- negative thoughts that build over time & wreck havoc on the system were completely cleared- I felt in control of my life which I hadn't felt for a long time! Thank you Carolyn for setting my train back on track to creating the life I want to live! 

CW - - Actress - Los angeles - 1/2014



Just wanted to send the picture my friend drew of the same symbol you talked about! I called my boyfriend on my drive home and told him that you did more in those two hours than any therapy or books have done for me regarding my trauma.
I honestly didn't think my past had much affect on me.
I can't tell you how peaceful I feel right now. So thank you. 
I'll contact you soon to schedule my next visit. -

M. B - June 2014



I am taking vocal and art lessons. Thank u for all the help & guidance you gave given me. I am getting now & loving the newsletter! See u soon - Unhappy Lawyer - June, 2014



Hi Carolyn! Of course I still think of you. You helped me change my life soooo much. I will never forget how much you helped, and inspired me. I let hurt souls know you can help guide them. Yes, I got a promotion. I am very busy, but all is well and I am blessed.   November, 2014 - A punk rocker


Your readings are always helpful. Thank you again. . I feel like a major weight has been lifted off of me.

F.P.- August 2015 - Florida.



Carolyn, I can't tell you what a blessing it was to meet you. You have been an important guide for both of us, as well as an amazing healer for Ross. I think Ross can accept and understand himself now, thanks to your kindness and gentle explanations. It's just impossible for me to thank someone who has helped my son as you have, but I will continue to try. If the healer ever needs the help of a simple friend, please never hesitate to call on me. You can't always give.I will keep you in my heart.  J. H. Texas



Thank you so much for our conversation last night. You offered some great ideas.. I can totally confirm tonight at the raffle that you are an amazing spiritual reader and an amazing Coach :-)

Judy, Los Angeles



Many of the things Carolyn has shared with me resonate deeply within me. Carolyn has said "Yes" to the Call of expressing her loving essence. My experience of Carolyn is that she truly listens to and expresses the divine Love within her. Her authentic and powerful loving essence is anchored by her intention to Be the love that she was created to be. Carolyn speaks the language of the heart and in so doing, she opens hearts Michael Lattimore It Specialist/Engineer



"Carolyn has been an amazing guide for me in her channeling & intuition, which has also become coaching from what she receives. She has an amazing gift which she generously shares, and her peace, presence and light radiate in a way that what she delivers becomes a keepsake that one never forgets."Judy Weber 



While researching HSP I came across Carolyn's website and it caught my eye. I was especially impressed with her background and how she evidently has incorporated her gift into her professional life. I have had a few readings in my life and have not been that particularly impressed with them, but felt that Carolyn would be different, so I gave it a shot. Initially I booked a 1/2 hour session to see if she could really "read me"...and right from the beginning she was on target, so I went ahead with the full reading.

I believe the hour reading with her has had a significant effect in my life...a sort of calm and peace came over me after that session.. as corny as that may sound.. its true. One other thing I must thank Carolyn for is her recommendation that I do some energy healing, which I just recently did and glad I did!!! Thank you again!!!

Mary Carlino New York



I believe things happen perfectly and at the right time... I had known Carolyn for a while and we had a few friendly chats well before I ever became a client... I always wanted to get a reading but for some reason it did not happen for a while... Then, as I was going thru a crisis and I had asked for help... I bumped into Carolyn in the next couple of days... I knew it was a sign and I set up an appointment...I would say that what made a difference to me was the fact she really cares... You can feel it; I could... We had a long reading/healing and everything she said made a lot of sense, aligning her words with my inner truth... To me it made a lot of difference, as it really felt as a healing... The chakra clearing, the reading, her intuitive and healing gifts... everything combined left me stronger, more clear on things and feeling a lot better... Even more than that, it made a major change in my life at that point, where I felt a huge shift from the pain to serenity and peace... Healers remind us of who we are in gentle healing ways, and she definitely did a great job at that with me! I have been her client ever since and always recommend her to everyone!

Geanina Medana - Los Angeles,CA



Carolyn: Just wanted to drop you a note, finally getting around to it. I was so comforted by your last reading, and laughed later that day when I realized how right on the mark you were with a dollar figure you mentioned about the condo I had made an offer on. You kept thinking "$350", though the offer is not that amount, nor the asking price, but it just kept coming to you.....  later that day, the bank said that they wanted $350 to begin processing the offer! It was a point of contention because we didn't think we should pay any money until our offer was accepted, but it's all worked itself out now, and since it's bank-owned, we are continuing in the long process. So, you're amazing, that's all there is to it! I hope your passage into the New Year is memorable and happy and sets the tone for the whole year. Love - Jill - Santa Barbara


“Carolyn is truly blessed with many unusual gifts, and I have a high regard for her advice and guidance as my intuitive coach.”  Keely McGeehan Owner, Snr. Consultant, Sahara Mngt Solutions


Hope you are having a blest day! I just wanted to say thank you for our meeting on Monday. It was very helpful and gives me some direction in what I should focus on. Also, my ankle is much better. I'm sure the Reiki treatment did wonders! Stay blessed, Rosa


I cannot tell you how good it was for my soul that you called. I know things happen for a reason and you really helped me yesterday. I feel blessed to know you.Thank you again for taking the time to support me and help me on my path.
Best to you and look forward to talking again soon. G.S.Atlanta


Hi Carolyn, The last few years have been very enlightening. I count the hour that I spent with you right after my injury as "spirit saving" has been a long journey back to my physical health....but I definitely understand that the Universe forced me to take a break and focus on what is more important. My rescue work is the only reason I wake up in the mornings, and the only reason I go to work...and I am convinced it's the reason that work is abundant for me when it is not for others in my industry. My clients donate generously to Bradley, and my rescue groups, and Bradley & I started an Adoption Event at The Laugh Factory called No Dog Left Behind that has become a staple of the neighborhood.

My purpose for now is much more clear...just had to slow down to let it catch up with me. Thank you for checking in...would love to have a face to face session with you in the near future.

~ Kelli 3/09


Hi Carolyn, I just wanted to update you that I’ve been busy manifesting money this week because of your DNA clearing, reading the Creating Money book & doing visualizations, and chanting the abundance mantra each day. Many thanks!!! Warmest regards, ~ S.R. Florida 3/09


"Carolyn was extremely accurate with what was going on in my life. Immediately, I felt comfortable and safe talking with her. She is genuine and compassionate with her words and I definately recommend her to anyone needing special guidance in their own life. Thank you Carolyn!!" Melanie - MO.5/2010


My free ten minute reading with Carolyn was amazing. (Hay house promotion) She was right on with everything she said and I was delighted. Her friendly, easygoing and ready to help manner made me totally relax and I felt like she was someone I already knew. I'm very grateful for her kind generosity and her obviously sincere good wishes.

Pat, Ontario - Jan., 2011


I wanted to say HI! It's been awhile. Things have changed so much in my life and wanted to let you know it's all manifesting into what we talked about. I quit my job. Money has been tight and so that is why I haven't been able to see you. I am changing careers into the health and wellness field. I started teaching group exercise classes and am also working on putting together another program. I start my coursework to apply to school in a week. It's all good. I feel like things are flowing so naturally now and I'm in the right place. There is still fear about money since I'm not making nearly as much as I was making before. However, I know that I just got to keep going and let the fear pass. Thank you for all your work with me. I truly believe that you helped me find my stepping stones. D M - Los Angeles


Just had a reading from Carolyn and she really gave me some insight in a short period of time. It was actually 10 minutes! This was part of her generous offer for a Hay House promotion. Thanks again for the reading. You really gave me some great advice!

I also got your newsletter!

Love and light,

J.T - Sacramento 2/11


Thank you for the spiritual healing session yesterday. Later in the evening I felt energetic, having more energy than I have had in quite a long time. I also felt so much more positive. Walking on my leg this morning was better. Morning is the time that I can tell the most, it usually is the worst when I get up or when I've been doing a lot of walking. It is less painful than usually. I did not need to take the 2 Motrin I usually do through out the day. I really enjoyed the healing, it was so peaceful and relaxing. I wanted to say thank you, I really appreciate what you have done for me. You explained yourself very well and i will definetly will come for more healing. I will practice the positive affirmations.  K. S.  - Los Angeles, CA - 9/11


I recommend Carolyn Coleridge as a spirit reader. She gave me a reading that was very thorough and right on the dot! Her readings come from the heart and she has a loving way of getting your truth across to you. You will leave the reading feeling enlightened and loved. Kristin B.  - 8/11


Thank you for the amazing insights that you gave me. God sent you along right when I needed to hear it. I did the chanting this morning :-) Keep shining your light.   Many Blessings.  (Hay House Promotional 10 Min. Free Reading) G. P. - New Jersey, Oct. 2011


Hi Carolyn,

Hope you are doing well!Not sure if you remember me but you were very kind to give me a reading in September. You had said I'll start writing short articles/pocket books etc. A publisher contacted me to write something about meditation and share with Alumni and here's my humble effort that I wanted to share with you and thank you for inspiring me.

Love & Gratitude! -M. G., Feb, 2012



 I am happy to say I cannot make your Abundance class because I am out town...traveling for work :) I so appreciate the session we had some weeks ago. The abundance and travel cards you/the universe selected are accurate. I'm able to make an income, travel and accommodate my writer's lifestyle as well. I am taking it one day at at time, writing more (I created a desk/writing area for myself in my apartment) and trusting the universe will provide and has my best interests at heart. Thank you for you everything!

And yep, we also cleared some limiting beliefs...I am writing MORE, writing WELL and trusting MY decisions, PERIOD. I wasn't working, income wise lol, from a place of true freedom since the end of December. I count my brief 6 week temporary office stint in 2012 as just that, temporary. I will catch up when I have a chance. Have a great week Carolyn and THANK YOU!!!  

p.s. - Fantabulous shift indeed :) 

EE - Los angeles - March,12



THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PROFOUND MESSAGES (and for my free 10+ minutes; my personal "upgrade" session.) ;>)  

You are so generous, kind, and gentle with your "ctl-alt-deletes". Because of you, I now look at life's challenges through a new lens; the lens of faith. The lens of...."What is the Universe trying to teach me/tell me with this challenge?" Now I am grateful for challenges; "seeing" them as gifts for the lessons they provide.... instead of feeling beaten up by life. (That victim/martyr lens that feels so heavy and awful!) It's such a happier way to experience and see life. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for my new and improvedvision! ;>) you helped to change my life; what a gift! ~ Julie in Austin, Texas Looking forward to your book! ; 1/2012



To be honest, I was unsure how I would feel regarding ants after our session but the truth is I am no longer afraid of them. I see them as a nuisance at worst and in fact, I just killed one and that is what prompted me to email you. t's not to say they don't bother me-they do. I am just no longer a babbling baby when I see one. And more, I remember they are a messenger. I made a vision board and am starting to put the wheels in motion to create my life and not wait for my life. You have a real gift. I guess that's why I am writing this email. People come into our life at the time that we need them and I needed to meet you so I could move forward. Thank you so much for helping me!, F. G, ~ 2012



Carolyn, you're a Goddess and a most generous one at that. Thank you for the beautiful evening, your warm, open, and giving spirit.

Thank you to everyone for seeing and being seen authentically, even though many/most of us didn't know each other. hugs,
M. N., PHD - 9/22/2013



Carolyn's event was awesome! My sense about her was right on. Truly a beautiful soul who connects with her divine guides and shares this wisdom with others. Carolyn offers fascinating knowledge regarding our chakras and tapping into our intuition to connect with our unique purpose and fulfillment. My favor part of the evening was her powerful full moon meditation... WOW! I was also impressed with her dream interpretations. Oh yes, and the cool group of women who gathered together!!! I look forward to participating in more of Carolyn's events when I return to LA in spring. Connie - TX Energy healer

September, 2013



Carolyn is an exceptional intuitive, clairvoyant and medium. She imparts her love and wisdom; no holds bar. We really have wonderful members who impart sincere and profound healing. Treat yourself to her next class and be amazed where it takes you! ~ Alma B - healer ~ September, 2013 



Carolyn's reading was incredibly accurate. I came to her for relationship help and she told me the exact ethnicity and hair color of the women that was coming between my boyfriend and I. I broke up with my boyfriend and the women she described became his new girlfriend! She was so specific and she helped me to move on and find the love of my life.

BDC - LA producer - 12/2013



It is such a privilege that I am able to find an online link to Carolyn’s website on 01/17/13. I work as RN and when I had several recurring health issues that do not seem to have a concrete explanation or even resolution, the only advice by my co- RN was to seek a medical intuitive. Carolyn doesn’t just heal; she also reads and can connect to spirits. My 2 hour appointment was worth it. She was “spot on”. She was able to connect past experiences which have affected my present status. She was also able to provide messages from my departed loved ones which tremendously made me feel better. Now I know that they are in a good place. Her abilities were really good as the information she provided were confidential ones that only myself and my family would know about. It was what I needed in order to heal.

Carolyn’s soft spoken words are for me… healing words. I am still seeing the positive effects of the healing. My bleeding has stopped a few hours after the end of that call and I am able to breathe well; I love the part of the guided meditation, muscle testing, and affirmation techniques. I always believe that I was meant to find her website. It was a synchronicity… that night was the right moment for me. Thank you Carolyn for your time and may you continue to use your gift of healing… I am an example of how you’ve healed me while you were in California that night, and-- I was in Arizona. Distant healing works and I can attest to that!

M. G. RN, Arizona - 1/17/14



HI, I feel better about things, thank you, I looked up the Saturn Return and wow, that is me right now. It kind of sucks! I understand it better. The depression really resonated I am trying to pull myself out of it I work on it veryday. Namaste to you I send you love and thanks. I really like how you work. Take care   B. K. - Iowa - 9/15.2014



You have been invaluable to me. I was in such a dark place last year and I'm amazed where I'm at now. I could not have made the journey on my own and I am very grateful for your help A.O - La - 9/10/2014



You Carolyn were light in a time of darkness and I thank you. You made me use my gifts, and we talked on the phone about the things I had done, the deceased loved ones I was connecting with etc. I am in a amazing place now spiritually. I am a sponge, learning everything, how to control and help others. That is why I am on Earth to Help! S.S.2015



Carolyn! I've got a bit of confirmation. When I first moved to L.A. I came to see you because I was afraid I had made a bad decision. You told me you saw me with a headset on at Paramount or some studio. You went on to say you saw me in the south. You said you felt like it was someone's life story or something. Well last Saturday I quit my job to take a new job on a tv show she created. I was wearing my production headset walking around working when I passed a mirror and the glimpse of myself reminded me of your words. I'm not sure if you remembered but I struggled a lot at my last job. This gig is a lot more creative and is closer to my goals. Your insight helped me when things got rough at the old gig. BUT I'm confident the Universe will always look out for me. I feel like I'm rambling so in short, thank you for the solid work you do-  Dana.C. 2/2016



You were so helpful. You gave me an incredible experience. You’ve helped insanely! I will see you again for sure. I was going to look into your classes you teach as well.Best, Althea - November -2014



I just like to tell that I much better since we got together. Let me know when you have time for another session.Thank you for your time.

God bless you.:) - M. Reyes - November 2014



Your readings are always helpful. Thank you again. . I feel like a major weight has been lifted off of me.

F.P.- August 2015 - Florida.



I just wanted to say you are amazing!!!!! Thank you for doing what you do. 
Your reading for my friend Jane really helped her!! She is doing great and headed into a positive direction in her life. Thanks friend.

And you were right about the house! She was not able to buy it. They took another offer! You called that one! I was surprised!! I thought she would get it. Oh well! Not meant to be.You nailed it! As usual! Have a great night.

I will buy myself a bday reading next month!! - Nicole, 2/2016 

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