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Conscious Creations
Create and Heal with Spirit!
When you work with your spiritual nature, you tap into your creative life force.

Check Events page for events in CT!  
10am  - Noon - Saturdays - Crystal Garden open to peruse earth stones.
$10 off with mention of this ad = word 'conscious'  
Creating with the Universe with Intuition  - Learn how the universe is speaking to you to create health abundance, and Heightened intuition. 
Sept 23rd - Fall Equinox celebration. Teaching on cycles - Mediation and theta healing for the New FALL season. noon to 2pm.  $33  


October 8 - Intuition Class at Bell & Raven, Simsbury -Learn the basics of becoming more intuitive - $65
October 15th - Passport to Health & Wellness Expo - Bristol DoubleTree by Hilton.10am-4pm in Bristol - Readings.
October 21st and 22nd - Bell & Raven Halloween event - Readings 12 - 4pm
Oct - 28th - Simply Wellness - Windsor Locks,  Reaadings -11:00-3:00pm
Oct. 29th - Halloween Gathering Potluck!  Noon - 2pm - Conscious Creations - Meditation, theta healing and spirit messages by ME! Come join the fun. $22 bring lite snack for others!

Teaching Universal wisdom
Metaphysics & Laws of the universe
Create Better relationships, health, purpose and live a more spiritual life

Life Cycles and SOUL cycles
Clearing Beliefs w/ Theta healing
Understanding Dreams
New age books
Wonderfully charged crystals for sale!
Get a crystal prescriptions to assist 
emotional physical and soul challenges
Intuitive Healings, Consultations and Mindfulness Meditation
103 Testimonials on Linked in! 

TEXT for questions 323-782-9085
(Response is quicker with text!)


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