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Conscious Creations
Create and Heal with Spirit!
When you work with your spiritual nature, you tap into your creative life force.

Check Events page for events in CT!  
April 1st -  2- 4pm
Connecting to your higherself. 
This is the part of your SOUL that is on the otherside. $33
April 8th Sat - @ Bell and Raven - Simsbury Class - 6 - 8pm 
How to work with the Universe
Find your purpose thru Universal Signs
Call store to sign up!  (860) 413-2757
Teaching Universal wisdom
Laws of the universe

Create Better relationships, health, purpose and live a more spiritual life

Life Cycles and SOUL cycles
Clearing Beliefs w/ Theta healing
Understanding Dreams
New age books
Wonderfully charged crystals for sale!
Get a crystal prescriptions to assist 
emotional physical and soul challenges
Intuitive Healings, Consultations and Mindfulness Meditation
103 Testimonials on Linked in! 

Text for questions 323-782-9085


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