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Conscious Creations
Create and Heal with Spirit!
When you work with your spiritual nature, you tap into the creative part of you that heals your SOUL.

Check Events page for events in CT!  
April 7th
 - Sun - Speaking at Spiritualist Church Farmington CT 10:30am 
"The Universe as Director"
April 14th Sun - Clearing beliefs for healers,  intuitive and holistic professionals. Helps you come out of spiritual closet to embrace your gifts!
2 - 4pm - $33
April 21st, Sun. 12- 4pm in /Redondo/LA
Workshop -Activating your Intuitive Gifts with The Divine Feminine
&Clearing Blocks - $250 - Free Parking Gifts

April 27th - Wellness Fair @ Bean226 Windsor,CT
Intuitive Readings 10am - 5pm

Creating w/ the Universe w/ Intuition  - Learn how the universe is speaking to you to create health, abundance, & intuition. 
Teaching Universal wisdom
Metaphysics & Laws of the universe
Create Better relationships, Health, purpose and live a more spiritual life

Life Cycles and SOUL cycles
Clearing Beliefs w/ Theta healing
Understanding Dreams
New age books
Wonderfully charged crystals for sale!
Get a crystal prescriptions to assist 
emotional physical and soul challenges
Intuitive Healings, Consultations and Mindfulness Meditation
103 Testimonials on Linked in! 

TEXT for questions 323-782-9085
(Response is quicker with text!)

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