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A Dialogue with the Universe

Hi, Welcome to my new site! My passion is teaching about universal knowledge and enhancing your intuition. I believe the Universe is always trying to get your attention to lead you on your path. The Universe talks to your spirit. When you find your purpose and live your passion, you will begin to live your life more fully. You will also clear Karma, as your life was set up to help you to clear choices that you have made in past experiences.

Your Spirit is your guiding force. When you learn how to pay attention to the signs synchronicities and messages, you will start creating a magical existence. My book Honor your Spirit, talks about how I began to dialogue with the Universe and find tremendous results. My workbook, How to work with the Universe, also helps you be able to write down the messages and signs that you see and encounter. The universe is waiting for you to ask a question. Ask anything you want and pay attention to the answers. Also, have fun!!

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